XO-1.5 follow-on impression

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Fri Oct 16 17:27:37 EDT 2009

My experience with the XO-1.5 has been much better:

> 4) Both Browse and Firefox on Gnome don't load certain popular sites
> (see below).

I don't go to Gnome - I run both Browse and Firefox under Sugar.

Neither Browse nor Firefox had any trouble whatsoever with either of 
those sites (Skype, Major League Baseball).

Browse behaved nicely - if I clicked on one of the panels in the 
Baseball site, it opened a smaller window within the current one. 
With Firefox, I had to figure out what was happening - it opened 
another (full screen) Sugar window - so I had to go to the icon in 
Frame to close that subwindow.

My explanation for the difference in behavior is *flash* -- I'm 
using the latest plugin from Adobe -- and I suspect you are not.

[Firefox for me has video size adjustment problems - but that's 
firefox interfacing with video support, not "browsing" per se. 
Other browsers on XO-1.5 do not have the video size problem.]

> 3) The network still shows three copies of every access point.

I'm using os32.  Have not used access points much (at home I have 
wired rather than wireless), but every location I've been in, 
Neighborhood View has shown me only one icon for every accessible 
access point.

[But these days (os32), Frame is showing me two batteries -- and the 
percentage of charge is different between the two !!]

> 2) Infoslicer always claimed it couldn't reach the network

Did not run Infoslicer when away from home - so haven't tried it.

> 1)   ... someone hovered over the XO on
> the desktop to pull up the config menu.  The menu would open, not
> display text, and the mouse and interface would stop working.

I've had similar hurdles with Home View.  What I've always been able 
to do is "brute force" - move the cursor, click, move the cursor, 
click, etc.  So far, Home View responsiveness has always come back.
[I've been using an external USB trackball with the XO-1.5.]


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