Paul Fox pgf at
Fri Oct 9 08:11:02 EDT 2009

john wrote:
 > I'm proposing a new GPIO map for XO-1.5 B3 and beyond.
 > The changes are:
 > - Moved the control signals for the internal and external SD ports
 >   and the WLAN around to match new port assignment.
 > - The power control for the internal SD port (MSD_PWROFF) is provided
 >   through a separate GPIO2 (instead of the faulty default output,  
 >   As there is an external pullup on this signal, there is no need to
 >   enable the (default off) internal pullup.    GPIO2 has been tested
 >   by Via to remain powered and glitch-free in states S0/S3.
 > - For B2 prototypes, I am proposing the use of GPIO2 as an ECO'd power
 > control signal for the WLAN.
 > - The DCONIRQ line has been moved (again).  On B2, the interrupt
 >   input chosen is synchronized by the RTC clock, preventing reliable
 >   detection of DCON interrupts (which are one video line in duration).
 >   This time, it is connected to GPIO12, which is only powered in S0
 >   but can generate SCI/SMI interrupts and is not "owned" by ACPI.
 > - The EC/CPU interrupt will also be routed to another pin capable
 >   of generating SCI/SMI interrupts that is not "owned" by ACPI at the
 >   request of pgf.   It is routed to GPIO11, which is only powered in S0.
 >   This pin will be diode isolated from the other interrupt input  (powered
 >   in S3.) Unfortunately, I can't find another interrupt input
 >   not owned by ACPI that is powered in S3.

if the DCONIRQ move proves successful, then that will free up
SMBALRT (powered in S3) to be used for the EC.


 > - The HDD_LED# signal (yet to be supported) has been moved to GPO4
 >    to free up GPIO11.
 > Cheers,
 > wad

 paul fox, pgf at

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