My view of OS7 on XO-1

Paul Fox pgf at
Mon Oct 5 10:56:42 EDT 2009

hal wrote:
 > smparrish at said:
 > > These builds now use powerd for power management.  What you described
 > > is normal for when the system sleeps.  To wake it up just press the
 > > power button. 
 > Thanks.

right.  the biggest behavioral difference with powerd is that the
sleep state which, before, was only possible by closing the lid or
pushing the button is now also entered automatically, after a
timeout.  this state is characterized (with powerd, at any rate)
as the CPU sleeping when the screen is blanked.

 > It also sleeps normally, or at least what I expect from an XO running old 
 > software.  The radio is on and it wakes up when a packet arrives or a key is 
 > pressed.  But after a while it goes into deep-sleep where the power button is 
 > the only way to wake it up.
 > Waking up from a deep-sleep resets the WiFi link.  That takes
 > over 30 seconds.
 > Is there any way to disable the no-radio sleeping or the normal radio-on 
 > sleeping?

the short answer is that if you configure powerd to either a) never
blank the screen, or b) never put the CPU to sleep, then your
laptop will never enter the state that disables the wireless. 
it's the combination of those two states together which matches
what occurs when you push the button or close the lid.

i recommend reading the comments in /etc/powerd/powerd.conf,
and/or the more complete documentation in /usr/sbin/powerd.
from a terminal window, you may be able to run "powerd-config", but
you may need to "yum install dialog" first.  (or, just use a text
editor to modify /etc/powerd/powerd.conf)

 paul fox, pgf at

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