Use of XO-1 power adapters w. XO-1.5

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Sun Oct 4 00:25:02 EDT 2009 narrows it down to a specific model of 
15W adapter.  The 17W adapters that I tried worked.

John Watlington wrote:
> Mitch,
>    Regarding your note on IRC about power adapters:
> no, I hadn't noticed any problems with using XO-1
> adapters with XO-1.5 laptops.
> There are various flavors of XO-1 adapters, in 15 and 17W
> flavors, from multiple vendors.   At B2 bringup we had problems
> with a prototype they had lying around that failed spec.
> We are definitely drawing too much from the XO-1 adapters when
> charging a battery.  The question is how the adapter handles it.
> Some drop their voltage below that which the XO can really use.
> The MPPT algorithm should handle this, if we ever get around
> to implementing it.
> Cheers,
> wad

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