Use of XO-1 power adapters w. XO-1.5

John Watlington wad at
Sat Oct 3 21:51:11 EDT 2009

    Regarding your note on IRC about power adapters:
no, I hadn't noticed any problems with using XO-1
adapters with XO-1.5 laptops.

There are various flavors of XO-1 adapters, in 15 and 17W
flavors, from multiple vendors.   At B2 bringup we had problems
with a prototype they had lying around that failed spec.

We are definitely drawing too much from the XO-1 adapters when
charging a battery.  The question is how the adapter handles it.
Some drop their voltage below that which the XO can really use.

The MPPT algorithm should handle this, if we ever get around
to implementing it.


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