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* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

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* Fast Review of the 6 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

1. Saint Paul Conservatory/Bloomington Community Lending Library - 
Minnesota, USA

   Requests 10 XO's over 7 months

   Project Objectives:
   *Project Objectives: *After extensive dialogue with a representative 
of the
   organization; I agreed to do my political science project with OLPC. 
I plan
   to create a One Laptop Per Child “University Chapter” at SPCPA in the 
   of a school group. My project, through the school group,
   would—optimistically—accomplish the following two goals:

   A) Our primary goal is to establish a lending library at my high
   school, Saint Paul Conservatory, as well as at our local library, 
   Oxboro Library. In my community of East Bloomington, an overwhelming 
   of young middle and high school students I would meet at school or at the
   local public library are suffering in school because their family 
could not
   afford to keep a computer at home.

   >>How will you divide the XOs among the 2 library sites? It might be
   better to choose one or the other as the main base. Each has advantages.
   If they are at your school, your school chapter can run the library. If
   they are at the public library, both students from your school and
   community members would have access. I would suggest they be housed at
   your school. Perhaps you could make arrangements for children and
   families to request loans via the library (sort of like an interlibrary
   loan) and your student group members could deliver them to the library
   and pick them up for check-in and maintenance each time they are
   returned (really recommended).

   For the lending library, we would require ten laptops. The school would
   provide me with tech officials to maintain the renting computers and 
a base
   to store and lend them from. I also have potential “lending library”
   clients from the school administration as well.

   >>I wouldn't use the word "rent" at all. We assume these are loans made
   at no charge to the borrower. They should be responsible for the costs
   of repairs, or "replacement" in the unlikely case that they are needed.

   These laptops could be rented (lent out?) and used by low-income
   students from my school
   in need of a computer as well as low-income students from my community in
   need of a computer.

   Students would have to write a detailed application to use the laptop and
   would receive it for no more than one week at a time.

   >>I can send you a copy of the loan form I use. You can modify it to
   meet your needs.

   B) For my second goal, OLPC has given me permission to use their name
   and logo in a music video/Public Service Announcement (PSA) that urges
   viewers to help close the digital divide by donating to OLPC. This 
would be
   a music video and a public service announcement, spanning about five 
   and featuring music I’ve already composed and a script I’ve already 
   The stars of the video would be actors and instrumental musicians from my
   OLPC university group of about ten students. The video would be filmed
   using professional equipment—in the film competition I’ve recently won, I
   gained access to the Independent Film Producers’ Association, which 
   me to take a class with them and have access to all of their 
equipment. The
   ten computers I request would also be used as props in the video.

2. Super Pixel Art Maker - Torrance, California, USA (NEEDS PAGE SPECIFIC TO PROJECT)

   Requests 3 XO's over 18 months

   Project Objectives:
   Pixel Art Maker is a simple GUI based Graphic editing application that
   focuses on creating pixel art.

   We will be doing what we are already doing as professional software
   makers. The vision for the project is already set in a clear manner.
   It's just matter of implementation. Procedure is also something that
   we are already doing for some of other software we are working on.
   It is a top down approach where a clear decision maker oversees the
   scope of the project and keep the team accountable to the vision and the
   scope of the work determined in the design stage. People involved in the
   production will constantly compare the process of work to the design doc
   which will clearly state the nature of the project and the features of
   the app.

3. Learning Lab - Bozeman, Montana, USA

   Requests 10 XO's over 36 months

   Project Objectives:
   The BozemanLUG has a connection with the Computer Science Department and
   the Education Department at Montana State University... and some LUG 
   have experience in both education and programming as well as system 

   The BillingsLUG has a connection with the folks at Rocky Mountain 

   The project objective is to set up a lending lab where individuals 
across the
   state of Montana can request / borrow an OLPC from 
and if
   requested, can get a presenter to visit and give a custom presentation on
   hardware, software and project... in an effort to get more people 
   in developing software and doing pilot projects at rural schools in 
the state
   of Montana.

   Montana is the 4th largest state in the US but ranks 47th with regards to
   population. Montana has a number of rural schools where OLPC pilot 
   would be welcome... but it will take some effort to grow interest.

4. XO-based School Counseling Lessons - Troy, Ohio, USA
   Requests 1 XO over (undetermined) months - SHOULD HE CONSIDER 2?

   Project Objectives:
   To create four XO computer-based school
   counseling lessons for students ages 10-16 about various topics 
related to
   academic, career, and sociocultural awareness. These lessons would help
   students develop and grow as individuals, breaking stereotypes and 
   positive alternatives.  Lessons Outline:

   Lesson 1: Career Education
   Students are exposed to several
   different careers, the importance of
   developing career interests, and
   the importance of careers as
   related to their futures.

   Lesson 2: Tolerance and Diversity
   Students exposed to stories of
   differing perspectives and the
   importance of learning about different cultures. This lesson will
   require that students seek out
   information from schools in different
   areas or countries that have participated in the OLPC program.

   Lesson 3: Grief and Loss
   Students examine different forms of
   grief, and loss.

   Lesson 4: Stereotypes, Labels, and Prejudice
   Students are exposed to new concepts
   and the way in which
   stereotypes, labels, and prejudice
   can have negative impacts.

5. Hello Laptop, Hello World / Cambridge Friends School Pilot - 
Massachusetts, USA

   Requests 10 XO's over 9 months

   Project Objectives:
   This past spring, Hello Laptop Hello World (HLHW) launched a pilot 
   at the Cambridge Friends School, which was one of the first XO pilot
   programs in the Boston area. We worked with all of the 6th grade 
classes and
   implemented a full 1:1 pilot, in which each student had their own XO 
   This fall, we will be working with all of the 4th graders to implement a
   comparable project. The goal of this pilot will be to integrate the 
XO into
   the current curriculum in a seamless way that allows teachers and 
   to have ownership of the XO and its role in the classroom. An integral
   component of this pilot will also be a pre- and post-assessment 
survey that
   will be given to all participating students, as well as a separate 
survey to
   be completed by the instructors, who will be facilitating this pilot. 
We are
   interested both in the impact of the laptops on student attitude toward
   school and their classwork, as well as changes in academic 
performance. In
   addition, we will be piloting two new activities, SocialCalc and 
   and giving student feedback to software developers.

6. Evangel Project - Brasil

   Requests 2 XO's over 4 months

   Project Objectives:
   No more a chat only you only have to type a text like messenger,
   but you can visit places, express emoticons, change your clothes, make
   friends, create rooms. The project is more for children
   and for people that is tired of the mass messenger applications , now we
   have a new experience, but is not a game, only chat, talk, walk, make
   friends, friend list, ...

   The project will use a account created on the website
   that i will do too, with this account you can login and your profile is
   loaded with the friend list and places do visit and talk.

   You can create private rooms for meetings between
   friends or institutions and only allowed or invited people can enter 
on this

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