New F11 for XO-1.5 build 47

Chris Ball cjb at
Sun Nov 29 12:53:14 EST 2009


   >> You can also disable it using My Settings -> Power -> Automatic
   >> power management.

(Cool, I didn't think that would work yet!  But it does.)

   > The power-management kicks in as expected however to wake the XO up again
   > you actually have to press the power-button, hitting a key or moving the
   > cursor doesn't wake it up (as it does on the XO-1).

That's odd, that works here.  It's pretty hacky, though, while we're
trying to get finer-grained control of wakeup sources working.  To
fix, you can "cat /proc/acpi/wakeup", and if "EC" reads "disabled",
"echo EC > /proc/acpi/wakeup".

   > Also power-management doesn't seem to be activated when closing
   > the lid (at least the power-LED doesn't indicate that it is).
If you watch carefully, you'll see the power LED blink for a tiny
amount of time when you close the lid -- that's us going to sleep
and then being woken straight back up again.  I've filed a bug on

Thanks for the testing!

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>
One Laptop Per Child

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