OFW RPM packaging

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Wed Nov 25 23:58:28 EST 2009

> From memory when I've looked at this in the past it was packaged
> within OLPC from the binary download. I've had on my list at one point
> being able to follow the instructions to recompile it from source so
> it could be included explicitly upstream in Fedora 

You mean just including the source?  Unless you include a build for every machine and every arch I don't see how the binary will be useful in fedora.

Building is easy as long as you have a 32 bit machine to compile it on.  I have just few very simple scripts that do all the work.

> but have never got
> around to investigating it further due to time constraints. I think
> the KVM people use a OFW release as well so it might be worth looking
> at how they compile their version of it. I also wasn't sure what the
> signing requirements were of a XO OFW build would be.

The .rom file is signed outside of any .rpm stuff.  .rpms are just for installing it in the filesystem builds.  The signed firmware is just a zip file of the .rom and a signature file.

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