The "missing" olpc-util patches -- review / apply?

James Cameron quozl at
Wed Nov 25 17:51:12 EST 2009

On 25/11/2009, at 9:42 PM, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> Look at the 4 patches following right after v0.88 here:


3eb8b7e1dc10b00f4125957700a6c51e84313e22 (diskspace fixes from the mysterious v0.89) is already present in os45, and looks fine, the change to sys.exit is expected, and the threshold change looks like tuning.  If it was what was shipped, let's keep it.

85d1235147974def0c831f698ebc8a6505d4e2be (Make olpc-session launch a dbus-session before running sugar.) is absent from os45, looks fine, I vaguely recall discussion about it when it was needed.  This might also relate to our regression where sugar-xos doesn't run properly on console?

4f68ff11b3c2185710e0924d607e8d5c35c8f922 (Workaround/hack for US(Intl) keyboards in Peru (dlo #9126)) is absent from os45, also looks fine, I don't think we'd want to break upgrades for that small group of laptops.  What does Sayamindu think?

8c9f7f196fb270b183a762212894d58f78129f22 (Enable the X Input Method module for Nepali (dlo #9220)), is absent from os45, but looks fine too, same comment as above.

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