slimming icon theme caches

James Cameron quozl at
Mon Nov 23 16:46:28 EST 2009

On 24/11/2009, at 2:19 AM, Daniel Drake wrote:
> This saved some disk space and presumably made olpc-update run a bit
> quicker (this file tends to change on a rebuild even if nothing else has
> changed).

I've not looked into it, but I wonder what it is about the file contents that causes a frequent change, and whether the format can be adjusted to reduce the effect, or make it more easily rsyncable.

> Does anyone have an opinion whether it's still relevant for XO-1.5?

Yes, I think it is, but I don't know how large the impact is yet.

It was noticeable on XO-1 because olpc-update (rsync) spent a fair while on it each time.

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