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Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sat Nov 21 00:40:38 EST 2009

Quozl wrote to James Gilmore:
> The old bugs are still visible in the old milestone reports.  People can
> look at them.  People who are working hard on XO-1.5 won't need to.

It is also a question of perspective.  For instance, let's look at 
old bug #9205, which you recently closed:

 From the perspective of milestones, the problem was described on 
Joyride.  It is legitimate to close that ticket on the grounds that 
more recent builds have different code, so the *specific* situation 
(by a specific Activity, on a specific build) has been superseded.

 From the perspective of usability, the *real* problem was that the 
system (not the Activity) had put up two dialog panels - and they 
deadlocked.  The second panel (which asked the user about "naming" 
the Journal __entry__) gave the user NO escape/abort provision; 
neither would it close itself as long as the Activity had not 
closed.  But that could not happen until the user answered the first 
panel (an error had occurred in saving the Activity's __data__; the 
first panel asked the user for an 'ok').  The catch was that the 
second panel physically OBSCURED the first panel, such that the user 
could *NOT* access (on screen) the place in that first panel where 
his response was expected.

I was the originator of bug report #9205.  In my mind, I would have 
considered it justification for closing this bug report when the 
developers could assure system users that (in decreasing order of 
preference):  1) the "name this Journal entry" panel had been 
provided with a 'cancel' button;  or  2) the "name this Journal 
entry" panel had been re-positioned on the screen so that it would 
not obscure potential error notifications;  or  3) the "name this 
Journal entry" panel would be 'serialized' so that it would not 
appear as long as there were other panels on screen.


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