XO in 2 identical SSID scenario

Andrés Nacelle anacelle at plan.ceibal.edu.uy
Fri Nov 20 13:32:58 EST 2009

Hello I would like to make an update about this issue, I`ve been working on
this with Martin Langhoff support and after lots of come and goes I ended up
getting some logs from the wpa_supplicant, where I found that AP shifting is
produced after an AP scan in which the AP with different BSSID but identical
ESSID is found first.
Now I'm going to try to find which value is using the NM for the AP scan in
order to know if the responsibility is on the driver (AP scan with parameter
0) or on the wpa_supplicant (AP scan with parameter 1). For that I'm planing
(as suggested by Martin) is to connect directly to the daemon and put
commands on my own and see how it behaves trying to find which is the
command employed by the NM.
Also I would like to share with you that this odd behavior is not present on
the XO 1.5 with F11, not at least in the tests I runned.


Andres Nacelle
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