Why does Sugar mount removable volumes ?

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at sugarlabs.org
Wed Nov 18 13:14:22 EST 2009

2009/11/18 John Watlington <wad at laptop.org>:
> As 1.5 and other portable devices are using SD as their main storage:
> What is a removable volume ?
> On Nov 18, 2009, at 1:10 AM, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:

We are going with whatever the system says is a removable volume. On
recent fedoras, we are using gio for that, which in turn uses gvfsd,
which uses devicekit, which uses udev, ... Other distros use other
equivalent components.

>> I have the subdirectories for some Activities installed on my
>> "permanent" SD card (it's in the "external" slot of my XO-1.5).
>> Os42 is not mounting (at boot) my "permanent" SD card.  I
>> experimented with removing the SD card's entry from /etc/fstab.
>> The first time sugar came up (after boot), it did not show the
>> activities on my SD card in Home View - because that SD card was not
>> yet mounted at the time sugar started.  I did ctl-alt-erase to
>> restart sugar.  Now sugar came up *showing* those activities.
>> What I believe happened:  1) Because the system did not mount the SD
>> card, sugar the first time could not "link" to the activities on it.
>>  2) But sugar itself mounted all removable volumes accessible by
>> the machine, including my SD card.  3) So when sugar started the
>> second time, those activities could be "linked", and sugar showed them.
> Sounds reasonable, given my experience.   Sugar is definitely doing
> the mounts into /media.
>> My question -- how come Sugar mounts *all* removable volumes ?
> Why not ?  It seems reasonable that a user would want to copy something
> onto removable media.

Yes, we try to steamline as much as possible the processes for using
removable storage devices. Past discussions about this can be found in
the archives, but we can of course reconsider any conclusions based on
our current experience.

> (BTW, isn't there a more appropriate mailing list for
> Sugar feature discussions, not that we don't miss the occasional one on devel ?)

Some Sugar mailing lists can be found here:




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