New gamepad!

Paul Fox pgf at
Wed Nov 18 10:41:06 EST 2009

bert wrote:
 > On 18.11.2009, at 06:52, John Watlington wrote:
 > > 
 > > 
 > > We have a new gamepad design for XO-1.5, to fix the difficulty in pressing
 > > a single gamepad keys at once.   Thanks to Paul Fox and Richard Smith
 > > for pursuing this.  (The actual new gamepad's ribs don't extend all the way
 > > up to the center post, that hindered intended usage.)
 > Great! Are diagonal presses still recognized?

yes, and it's all much more controllable than before.

for those unsure what's being fixed, open vi, and enter
"80i.<ESC>yy20p" (where <ESC> is the single ESC key) to create a
grid of '.' characters.  put your thumb on the d-pad, and try
an move the cursor accurately and consistently in various
directions.  you'll probably find that it's quite difficult --
the new d-pad makes this easy.

p.s. it works even better than the original toothpicked model:
 paul fox, pgf at

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