New gamepad!

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed Nov 18 04:27:21 EST 2009

On 18.11.2009, at 06:52, John Watlington wrote:
> We have a new gamepad design for XO-1.5, to fix the difficulty in pressing
> a single gamepad keys at once.   Thanks to Paul Fox and Richard Smith
> for pursuing this.  (The actual new gamepad's ribs don't extend all the way
> up to the center post, that hindered intended usage.)

Great! Are diagonal presses still recognized?

- Bert -

> I've requested that this change be implemented immediately, so any further
> XO-1's built will also have it.
> If you are around 1CC and want to try it, pgf has a sample and a good demo
> program.  Richard and Ed have the other samples.
> wad
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