Problem with dracut-modules-olpc-0.2.4

Daniel Drake dsd at
Wed Nov 18 10:07:56 EST 2009

On Wed, 2009-11-18 at 12:51 -0200, Esteban Bordón wrote:
> When I tried to decompress the initrd file I got the message
> gzip: ../initrd-2.6.30_xo1-20091109.2105.1.olpc.29eff8b.img:
> unexpected end of file

This suggests a problem with the way you are generating the initramfs

> If I try in unsecure boot i get the same problem, the last messages
> that screen show is
> dracut: Mounted root filesystem /dev/mtdblock0
> Usage: /usr/libexec/initramfs-olpc/ SYSROOT NAME MODE
> Failure condition in initramfs

This is not the same problem, the screen contents are totally different.

This is a bug I accidentally introduced in recent releases where booting
from an unversioned filesystem doesn't work. It is now fixed in git. If
you were to rebuild the XO-1 image as a versioned filesystem then it
should work OK. Or you could just apply the fix:

I'll probably be doing a new dracut-modules-olpc release tonight which
fixes this issue.


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