OS and Firmware testing for XO 1.5 B2: gnash

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Tue Nov 17 23:43:29 EST 2009

> Gnash and youtube is a no go. No error now, just a black screen

Within the last month, Youtube changed their default player to require
Adobe Flash 10, including ActionScript 3.  Gnash does not yet implement 
AS3 properly -- that's why you got a black rectangle.

The (shrinking) gnash team is working on this, but they won't have
even an internal version that plays today's youtube before the end of
November -- maybe much longer.

There's a hack though:  rewrite the URL from:




That uses the old player.  (The videos themselves are unchanged, it's
just the stupid stuff around the edges, like the Play/Pause button,
that's causing the trouble.)


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