Max throughput with XO on 802.11G

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Fri Nov 13 12:06:12 EST 2009

Hello fellows, I´ve been working some time ago on the maximum throughput you
can get from an XO on it´s wireless and I got some interesting results, on
which I still have to work but I would like to share with you to know if I´m
trying to invent the wile again. But first the conditions, I´ve been using
an XO 1.0 with Q2E35 firmware and image 801, the distance to the AP is less
than 3m and the noise lv -91dBm.

Now the interesting part, the test and the data.
Basically what I did was measure the throughput that a XO can reach using
for this the iperf.
I configured an AP in order to only admit the maximum rate (11Mbps) from
802.11b and everything went ok, the max throughput achieved was 5,9 Mbps
when the max thr with a 1500 Bytes package size is 6,3 Mbps.
Now comes the interesting, when I did the same with 802.11g setting the rate
at 54 Mbps te XO reached 14,5 Mbps which belongs to a 24Mbps rate, so I
tried to do the same in that rate but the throughput
was 10.0 Mbps. During the measures I watched the connection rate on the XO
and was the proper one.
My theory (and yet to check by package capture ) is that the maximum size
package is not getting above 600 bytes. I did the math and plotted
throughput vs package size for different rates and the results are congruent
with my theory.
After making some captures I´ll tell you.


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