signed F11 for XO-1

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Thu Nov 5 13:55:39 EST 2009

In the secure case, initramfs discovers the root device by looking in 
the /chosen node of the /ofw device tree.

Daniel Drake wrote:
> 2009/11/5 Esteban Bordon <ebordon at>:
>> I saw the OFW code and I did not understand :-/
>> I created a ticket ( with the issue and
>> dsaxena wrote:
>> "The dracut message happens way after OFW has handed off control."
>> Then it should be a problem in the kernel included in the image?  is a know
>> problem?
> It's not a kernel problem. It's the communication between OFW and initramfs.
> We need someone who knows both areas to chime in, or for someone who
> needs it fixed to do the research themselves and figure out the answer
> (you?) :)
> For example here are some questions you could start on...
> If OFW is not passing a root parameter to the kernel command line,
> does that mean its not passing any parameters at all? (this is easy to
> figure out)
> It must be communicating the root device in some form though, so how?
> (look at old initramfs code, I guess)
> (if I'm writing initramfs code and OFW doesn't give me a root=
> parameter, how am I supposed to know whether to look on SD, NAND or
> USB for my root filesystem?)
> Or if some parameters are already passed then which ones are they?
> What's the policy for adjusting them? (look at OFW code and/or ask on
> this mailing list)
> Daniel

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