Longer XO transformer power cord in the plans?

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sun May 31 01:16:53 EDT 2009

On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 12:23:37AM -0400, John Watlington wrote:
> Comments ?  Suggestions ?

Everything you said seems good to me, and I agree.

A few things to add to your list:

1.  Earthing.  The current design has no earth at the AC end, and is
isolated in relation to the DC end.  An earthed AC plug in some
countries produces a more reliable and positive insertion and anchoring.
I don't know what the standards are for the isolation, but I've detected
both isolated and earth pass-through designs on other systems.

2.  Indicator.  With a larger unit a small LED power indication may be

3.  Inrush.  Some of the adapters on other product I've used have a
significant inrush current during the time of a typical AC power switch
bounce.  This results in momentary arcing, either on insertion into a
live socket or on switch-on.  One finds arc cavitation on the initial
contact point.

I've just inspected the adapters here; the B1/B2 series have negligible
cavitation, the C2 series have easily detected cavitation.  One can hear
the arc on insertion of the C2 series adapter into a 240V socket.

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