Longer XO transformer power cord in the plans?

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sat May 30 21:39:46 EDT 2009

I know of no such plans, but the physics of the configuration has a
bearing ...

1.  a longer cable has a larger voltage drop, and so a greater amount of
power is lost as heat, leading to greater inefficiency of power use,

2.  compensating for the voltage drop can only be done by either raising
the design voltage on the cable, or increasing the cross sectional area
of the copper,

3.  raising the design voltage is an unattractive option, since it would
expose the user to greater risk,

4.  increasing the cross sectional area would make the cable much
heavier, and a substantially higher cost, which would vary according to
metal prices,

5.  increasing the length may also increase the trip hazard, and so
further reinforcement of the sheath and restraint points may be

6.  not every child will need an extra two metres.

Can you balance this against against the cost of properly placed
domestic 110V or 240V outlets?

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