[Sugar-devel] disabling "tap to click"

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Thu May 28 09:38:15 EDT 2009

2009/5/28 roshan karki <roshan at olenepal.org>:
> The problem with gsynaptics is I don't have any section with "synaptic" as
> identifier in xorg.conf

Yes, the XO ships with the standard PS/2 driver, so the touchpad runs
in the PS/2 "emulation" mode. This works but means you don't have
control over the more advanced features of the new touchpad, such as
enabling/disabling tap-to-click. And as you have noted, the new
touchpad has tap-to-click enabled in the PS/2 emulation mode.

If you do want that extra control, you have to install and configure
the synaptics driver to suit your needs.
If my recollection is correct, OLPC did not do this for 8.2.1 as it
was decided that the change was too major for a bug-fix release, and
while the sudden change is a little undesirable, it was hoped that
kids being kids would "adapt" without problems.


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