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Guys, thanks for your answers, I going to try them

2009/5/9 Albert Cahalan <acahalan at gmail.com>

> Martin Langhoff writes:
> > 2009/5/9 david <david at leeming-consulting.com>:
> >> They have better luck (maybe my fingers are sweaty more than most)
> >> and I have noticed students often wrapping cloth around their
> >> finger to use the touch pad. It remains a real problem, but people
> >> do get by.
> >
> > The devel@ list archive has similar reports from the Nepal team.
> > IIRC, many kids there had a small piece of cloth to sweep the pad
> > of moisture and dust. Those reports were an important factor in the
> > switch to a new touchpad, so as Daniel suggests, do request a sample
> > one at least.
> The old laptops can perform better than the new ones if you do this:
> 1. make the resistive/pressure mode be relative instead of absolute
> 2. make the resistive/pressure mode be the only mode
> Maybe this needs to be a config option in Sugar.
> The new touchpads might be less awful in bad conditions, but nothing
> is ever going to make a capacitative touch pad work really well in
> bad conditions. The technology is simply not suited to mud, snot,
> cheese sauce, sweat, and so on. It's designed for adults in cool dry
> office environments.
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