[Server-devel] Questions

Albert Cahalan acahalan at gmail.com
Sat May 9 23:22:56 EDT 2009

Martin Langhoff writes:
> 2009/5/9 david <david at leeming-consulting.com>:

>> They have better luck (maybe my fingers are sweaty more than most)
>> and I have noticed students often wrapping cloth around their
>> finger to use the touch pad. It remains a real problem, but people
>> do get by.
> The devel@ list archive has similar reports from the Nepal team.
> IIRC, many kids there had a small piece of cloth to sweep the pad
> of moisture and dust. Those reports were an important factor in the
> switch to a new touchpad, so as Daniel suggests, do request a sample
> one at least.

The old laptops can perform better than the new ones if you do this:

1. make the resistive/pressure mode be relative instead of absolute
2. make the resistive/pressure mode be the only mode

Maybe this needs to be a config option in Sugar.

The new touchpads might be less awful in bad conditions, but nothing
is ever going to make a capacitative touch pad work really well in
bad conditions. The technology is simply not suited to mud, snot,
cheese sauce, sweat, and so on. It's designed for adults in cool dry
office environments.

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