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Feedback from Nauru. It is very hot and very humid. I find typically that almost all the children observe the jumping cursor. The recalibration does help, but it's still a major issue. I am simply unable to use the touchpad in demonstrations. I use a USB mouse and VNCLauncher with UltraVNC to project the XO screen during trainings (works very well), but when I go round to help trainees (we have been training parents as well as students and children) i find I cannot use their touchpads - on almost all the XOs. They have better luck (maybe my fingers are sweaty more than most) and I have noticed students often wrapping cloth around their finger to use the touch pad. It remains a real problem, but people do get by. When I move to an airconditioned room the problem goes away mostly - a 4-finger salute and it's fine.

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> We have been working again on trying to install versión 5 of the XS server.
> Anaconda has not been able to work in our server. I think that the reason is
> the incompatibility with the graphic card.

Can you use the text install?

> Is there any way to update the system from Version 4?, Can i do it with
> "yum-update" or "yum-upgrade"? How can we know if the server was updated?

You should be able to upgrade using "yum upgrade". There's details
here about what needs to be done. Its for fedora but the principal
should be the same.

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