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Fri May 8 09:09:20 EDT 2009

El día 7 de mayo de 2009 23:04, Henry Vélez Molina
<henry.laptop at> escribió:
> As we go forward in working with the current version of sugar, we note the
> following:
> The mouse-pad continues to be unstable

When you see this, you simply have to continue use of the mouse until
it is jumping quite horribly, *then* let go for 5 seconds, fingers
well clear. Letting go is the opposite of human instinct but what
happens is that when the software detects horrible jumps, it will
attempt to recalibrate the mouse, and this can only happen if your
fingers are well away.

Alternatively you can use the 4-key method that Martin mentioned in
order to force a recalibration.

> some XOs have problems with the sound, the sound doesn`t work at all

Do you hear the startup tone as you turn the XO on? If so you are
probably seeing

> some XOs have problems with the cam: the vision can be unclear or not work
> at all

Does it work in the OpenFirmware self-test diagnostics?
We have seen this failure in paraguay too and have fixed it by
replacing the camera from spare-parts machines. (replacing the camera
is trivial once you have disassembled enough to get access to the
under-side of the motherboard)


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