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Fri May 1 13:46:23 EDT 2009

In 15min from now!

Join us reviewing the latest OLPC/Sugar community projects today 2PM 
EDT, Boston Time:

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* New Libraries!

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

* Fast Review of the 2 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

1. Gaza Beach Art [Austria]

   Requests 1 XO for 5 months

   Project Objectives:
   Gaza Beach: We Join the Party -- public art intervention
   On the occasion of Tel Aviv's centennial, the city of Vienna has
   invited the state of Israel to stage part of its celebrations at a
   beach at the Danube Canal.
   Under the title "Gaza Beach -- Life Imprisonment Live", several
   intervention projects will simultaneously be staged in public spaces.
   They are aimed at directing as much attention to Palestine as to
   Israel for the duration of the "Tel Aviv Beach."

   Our project is aimed at helping to create an authentic atmosphere and
   to enable the cooperation between Tel Aviv and its nearest partner
   city: Gaza in a neutral environment.

2. Audubon MS XO Library and Repair Center [Los Angeles, Calif, USA]

   Requests 10 XO's for 24 months

   Set up an XO laptop lending library for the 50 students enrolled in 
the Vista College Bound/Famili After School Program
   Show that an XO lending library run by and for middle school students 
is a viable option
   Identify Sugar Activities most suitable for use in an after school 
academic enrichment program
   Develop students' ability to make simple repairs to the laptops as 
the need arises
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