Problems w/ USB-ethernet device

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at
Mon Mar 23 23:40:02 EDT 2009

I am reposting this e-mail from the server-devel to the general
developers list to see if I can find more kernel hackers w/ knowledge of
this particular problem.

We want to use the MSI Wind PC for the XS but it has one big problem. It
only has 1 on-board NIC and no PCI slots. As you know, the XS requires 2
NIC's. We have tried several different USB NIC's and are having serious
throughput problems. Is this issue one w/ the NIC or the fact that it is
connected by USB?

The no-name brand USB-Ethernet NIC I am using uses the 
pegasus: v0.6.14 (2006/09/27), Pegasus/Pegasus II USB Ethernet driver

The device is:
ADMtek ADM8515 "Pegasus II" USB-2.0 Ethernet

We also have used a branded Trendnet USB NIC w/ similarly bad results.

Please let us know if it is not realistic to use a USB NIC.

We really want to use the MSI Wind PC because it has ample storage, Atom
process, 4 GB of RAM, and only uses 65W

Bryan W. Berry
Technology Director
OLE Nepal,

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