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Here is another needed port of Sugar.

The Kerala IT Education Department believes that sharing is an
important virtue. However, sharing proprietary software would be a
violation of the End User. Building collaboration and sharing
practices are essential factors for the well being of societies and
proprietary software often denies that. Against the odds that
Proprietary software are user friendly, the effort of the Project saw
educational community in Kerala accepting open source technology. Its
own GNU\Linux supporting mechanism and a GNU\Linux resource center to
clarify all the queries in operational and software requirement issues
and there is constant interaction among these sections is an

In the case of Project, the free software platform is IT at School
GNU\Linux, a free version of operating system was indigenously
developed in association with free software foundation. The open
source materials developed/used by the Project includes
√ IT at School GNU\ Linux- Free software operating system which is now
used in entire schools in Kerala

This distribution does not seem to have a site of its own, but there
is a fair amount going on around it. It is based on Debian, and was
started in 2006.

Indian schools to use homebrew Debian distro
Sep. 26, 2006

Earlier this month we learned via an AP story that the southern Indian
state of Kerela is in the process of migrating all computers in its
12,500 high schools from Windows to Linux. Today,
learned what distribution they plan to use: a homegrown,
Debian-offshoot dubbed "IT at School GNU/Linux."

Help Desk - HelpDesk
Jan 27, 2009 ... Information on IT at School GNU/Linux 2.0 - 2006 · Free
Software Business Directory. Join the support mailing list for School
GNU/Linux ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages -
School GNU Linux Tips - HelpDesk
Aug 21, 2007 ... root (hd0, Press double tab , then it shows all
partion in that disk, find out linux partition number which is the
line containing ext2fs ... - 21k -
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More results from »
Index of /downloads
it-at-school-gnu-linux-base-2.6.21.iso 241M - [DIR]
it-at-school-gnu-linux-base-2.6.21.iso.md5 1K - README.html 15K - ... - 2k -
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Education Grid
This Education Grid Portal is provided as a platform for the
educational community to support generation and sharing of education
resources across the ... - 7k - Cached - Similar pages -
[School-GNU-Linux] IT at School GNU/Linux goes online - schoolgnu ...
Aug 17, 2006 ... Free Software, Free Society <>
For Tips and Tricks on School GNU/Linux visit ... - 6k -
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# [PDF]
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B¡n amänb tijw sF.Sn kvIqÄ áq/en\Ivkv kn.Un C«v {]hÀ¯nnv XpS§pI. AtmÄ
Xmsg ... -
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Request your IT at School GNU Linux CD from Zyxware | Zyxware ...
We have been getting good response from the Linux community regarding
the new RequestCD service that we have started recently. We are happy
to inform all ...
- 23k - Cached - Similar pages -
LTSP for IT at SCHOOL GNU/Linux: msg#00043 org.fsf.india.fsf-friends
LTSP for IT at SCHOOL GNU/Li - Find Help in our org.fsf.india.fsf-friends Forum. - 23k -
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[Fsf-friends] LTSP for IT at SCHOOL GNU/Linux
Hi all, LTSP for IT at SCHOOL GNU/Linux We have got the HCL winbee
thin client setup made working on customozed Debian installation for
IT at SCHOOL. ... - 5k -
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The Innovation Lover » IT at School GNU/Linux
Jul 18, 2006 ... Today, I got some time to play with IT at School
GNU/Linux which is distributed all schools in kerala as a part of
IT at School. ... - 19k -

And there's more where that came from.
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