Google summer of Code?

Samuel Klein sj at
Thu Mar 12 16:24:24 EDT 2009

A few of the the details here are wrong...

2009/3/8 Jameson Quinn <jameson.quinn at>:
> No definite agreement has been made, but in preliminary chats, it seems
> that both organizations agree that anything for XS or specific to XO hardware
> should go in OLPC, and everything else (general Sugar improvements,
> frameworks, or activities) should go in Sugarlabs.

We discussed this at XO camp, and people from Sugar Labs were
considering not supporting activity development and focusing on core
sugar development.  Has this changed?  In general, do you expect that
priorities for toolchain and activity development will be the same?

I expect that many activity development and student projects
interested in working with current schools will apply for both OLPC
and Sugar Labs projects; they are welcome to apply to both, and those
doing work relevant to Sugar should be encouraged to!  Applying to
multiple GSOC groups is standard practice; students do not need to
choose.  We had a couple of students last year who ended up working on
OLPC related projects for other orgs.

> expected with just one org. We actually got only 2,

We had 4 students last year.


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