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Marco gave the link, but I'd just like to repeat that Sugarlabs will be
applying to GSoC this year, independently of OLPC. The two organizations
have talked about doing some coordinating behind the scenes, passing off
student applications that are better done by the other organization. No
definite agreement has been made, but in preliminary chats, it seems that
both organizations agree that anything for XS or specific to XO hardware
should go in OLPC, and everything else (general Sugar improvements,
frameworks, or activities) should go in Sugarlabs. For comparison, out of last
years' applications <>,
about 5-6 out of 30-35 applications would have been OLPC, the rest would
have been Sugarlabs.

(Note that this is if anything an advantage to the community if both
organizations are accepted, as the purported algorigthm for assigning slots
is by number of applications, with a floor of 1-2 per accepted organization,
and lots of other fudge factors. If we'd had both organizations last year,
we might have gotten 4-6 slots total, instead of the 2-4 we could have
expected with just one org. We actually got only 2, but that was because of
the circumstances of the previous year.)


On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 10:59 AM, Ben Lau <xbenlau at> wrote:

> hi all,
> As the registration will start soon , I am interested about the
> preparation of OLPC for GSoc and being a mentor. According to the
> wiki, no any mentors show up yet. It is quite strange. Is that the
> list is held in someplace else?
> On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 4:02 AM, Peter Robinson <pbrobinson at>
> wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I noticed that quite a few organisations are starting to ramp up for
> > GSOC and getting people to start thinking about proposals etc. Not
> > sure if OLPC/Sugar are planning on participating but if so it might be
> > worthwhile to start to get people thinking about what needs to be done
> > etc.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Peter
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