Some quick rawhide-xo/20090227 notes

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Tue Mar 3 19:01:51 EST 2009

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 4:49 PM, Gary C Martin <gary at> wrote:

> Just some feedback relating to:
> No tickets filed, ping back if you want one on any of these items:
> - By default the builds boot into GNOME desktop, not Sugar. As a non
> regular Fedora/GNOME user, it took me a day or so before I spotted the
> partially obscured button in the bottom right tray of the login page
> called session. Which reveals a menu allowing you to change the
> default desktop over to Sugar :-)
> - The default set of Activities is stored under /usr/share/sugar/
> activities, everything is owned as root. The Sugar shell does display/
> launch Activities in this folder, but will not erase or upgrade them
> (e.g if you download a new .xo bundle with Browse). A quick fix is to
> move the directory to /home/liveuser/Activities and then chown -R
> liveuser /home/liveuser/Activities, and rebooting.
> - Just a heads up for Activity developers that Python 2.6 is installed
> on these newer builds, and the json library at least is very different
> from what shipped in previous OLPC builds. Moon (and I'm sure some
> other Activities) expect the previous json method calls so, on
> closing, you get a 'keep error'. Happy to fix, but not sure what the
> best resolution is if I want same code to play well with both new and
> old distros (hints appreciated).

Note that the new JSON library was available before as 'simplejson'.  That's
what I use in all my activities since it's the default going forward, and
has much better features than the old 'json' or 'cjson'.

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