Some quick rawhide-xo/20090227 notes

Gary C Martin gary at
Mon Mar 2 16:49:41 EST 2009

Just some feedback relating to:

No tickets filed, ping back if you want one on any of these items:

- By default the builds boot into GNOME desktop, not Sugar. As a non  
regular Fedora/GNOME user, it took me a day or so before I spotted the  
partially obscured button in the bottom right tray of the login page  
called session. Which reveals a menu allowing you to change the  
default desktop over to Sugar :-)

- The default set of Activities is stored under /usr/share/sugar/ 
activities, everything is owned as root. The Sugar shell does display/ 
launch Activities in this folder, but will not erase or upgrade them  
(e.g if you download a new .xo bundle with Browse). A quick fix is to  
move the directory to /home/liveuser/Activities and then chown -R  
liveuser /home/liveuser/Activities, and rebooting.

- Just a heads up for Activity developers that Python 2.6 is installed  
on these newer builds, and the json library at least is very different  
from what shipped in previous OLPC builds. Moon (and I'm sure some  
other Activities) expect the previous json method calls so, on  
closing, you get a 'keep error'. Happy to fix, but not sure what the  
best resolution is if I want same code to play well with both new and  
old distros (hints appreciated).


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