rotate button sucks on the XO

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at
Mon Mar 2 11:47:17 EST 2009

pgf at wrote:
> noiseehc wrote:
>  > The question remains whether we make it rotate to match the closed ebook 
>  > mode or match the rotated opened-like-a-book mode.
> there's no good answer to this, because there's no way to make it
> "do the right thing" automatically.  the lid switch can't be
> used, because by definition the laptop isn't really in ebook mode
> when you're trying to use the touchpad.  there's no way for the
> laptop to tell that the screen is flipped around, which is what's
> needed.
> user configuration might be possible, but frankly, i'd just
> default it to match the "opened" mode.  i've gotten used to (in
> almost-ebook mode) moving my finger opposite to the direction i
> want the pointer to move, and i never rotate the screen in that
> mode precisely because of the rotation issue.  so it would be a
> win just to have the finger-to-pointer relationship be
> predictable, even if it's not "right".
The question remains who will code it though.... :)

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