rotate button sucks on the XO

pgf at pgf at
Mon Mar 2 09:55:54 EST 2009

noiseehc wrote:
 > The question remains whether we make it rotate to match the closed ebook 
 > mode or match the rotated opened-like-a-book mode.

there's no good answer to this, because there's no way to make it
"do the right thing" automatically.  the lid switch can't be
used, because by definition the laptop isn't really in ebook mode
when you're trying to use the touchpad.  there's no way for the
laptop to tell that the screen is flipped around, which is what's

user configuration might be possible, but frankly, i'd just
default it to match the "opened" mode.  i've gotten used to (in
almost-ebook mode) moving my finger opposite to the direction i
want the pointer to move, and i never rotate the screen in that
mode precisely because of the rotation issue.  so it would be a
win just to have the finger-to-pointer relationship be
predictable, even if it's not "right".

 paul fox, pgf at

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