Collaboration test environment problem

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at
Mon Mar 2 10:46:48 EST 2009

James Simmons wrote:
> I have two PCs running Fedora 10 and the Sugar RPMs that come with 
> that.  One of the computers runs GNOME and the other uses Window Maker.  
> I run sugar-emulate on both.  One copy of Sugar uses the name "jim" and 
> the other uses "jsimmons".  Both use the 
> jabber server.  Both are connected to the same router using Ethernet cables.
> When I go to the neighborhood view (F1) on both I see a number of 
> "buddies".  However, while on the "jim" machine (Window Maker) I can see 
> and invite "jsimmons".  When I look at the same view on "jsimmons" 
> (GNOME) I  cannot see user "jim", although I can see other users.

Do they see the same other users? is using the "shared roster", so every user
should be able to see every other user.  If the asymmetric visibility that
you describe persists for more than 10 minutes, then you have found an
extremely bizarre bug.


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