rotate button sucks on the XO

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at
Sun Mar 1 16:56:09 EST 2009

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-03-01 at 17:06 +0100, NoiseEHC wrote:
>> Hello! 
>> Just today I have noticed some things about the rotate button (which is 
>> below the directional buttons on the display part):
>> 1. When the screen is rotated the mouse does not so if I turn the XO to 
>> be able to read letters, I cannot navigate with the mouse.
> You can navigate but in a sense sideways. Movng the arrow up makes it go
> up. But relative to the text it is wrong.

Yeah, just if I turn the laptop to read the text then it is a little bit 
impossible to hit anything with the cursor...
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