rotate button sucks on the XO

pgf at pgf at
Sun Mar 1 11:38:18 EST 2009

while i can understand the frustration when something that seems
simple and obvious doesn't work, starting wout with "XXXX sucks"
probably isn't the best way to get people to listen to your issues.

how do other people feel about this problem?  are there any good
reasons to _not_ make the touchpad rotate with the screen?  (i
actually think this might be an almost, but not quite, trivial
addition to the grab key daemon i mentioned to the list last
week.  matching the touchpad "orientation" to the orientation
of the screen initially would be the tricky part -- if they were
out of sync, it'd be a real drag.)

noiseehc wrote:
 > Hello!
 > Just today I have noticed some things about the rotate button (which is 
 > below the directional buttons on the display part):
 > 1. When the screen is rotated the mouse does not so if I turn the XO to 
 > be able to read letters, I cannot navigate with the mouse.
 > 2. An Xvideo RGB overlay displays the big nothing (black) while the 
 > screen is rotated.
 > If somebody will fix it to be usable then it would be a good idea to 
 > program the rotate button so that holding pressed for 2 seconds would 
 > turn on-off the backlight (color to mono and back).

is this simply to make the backlight controllable from ebook mode?
because shift-increase and shift-decrease (or is it ctrl?) accomplish
this pretty simply now.

 paul fox, pgf at

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