XO memory size

Derek Zhou agonyzhou at comcast.net
Sun Mar 1 02:05:51 EST 2009

On Saturday 28 February 2009 05:51:40 pm James Cameron wrote:
> > 3, every once in a while (10 mins or so) there is a message in console like: 
> > JFFS2 warning: jffs2_sum_write_sumnode: Not enough space for summary, padsize=-60
> That matches a known problem.  The JFFS2 filesystem is in a suboptimal
> state.
Can you tell me more about this. I installed debxo-0.5 on a usb drive and rxvt
speed seems normal. So it comes down to either the jffs2 or the internal nand.
I thought jffs2 on raw nand is supposed to be better than non-flash aware fs
on a cheap usb stick...

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