[Sugar-devel] Browse.xo -- preserving a downloaded filename?

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Tue Jun 30 13:20:17 EDT 2009

On 06/30/2009 07:17 PM, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> Using Browse.xo v101 on 8.2.x I cannot get Browse.xo to save a file
> with the name that I am requesting.
> Browse.xo seems to take the name I hint from the server (from the URL
> and using an 'content-disposition: attachment, filename="leases.sig"'
> header). But it renames it as
>    "File leases.sig downloaded from http://.. "
> Filenames are often important. Even minor changes to a filename can
> cause a lot of user grief.
> In general, OSs (from the kernel to the UI) try to keep the sanctity
> of the filename as they do with the data. When they don't, all sorts
> of trouble ensues. We wouldn't mangle the user's data. We shouldn't
> mangle the filenames.
> Decorating the filenames with additional metadata is _cool_ otoh...
> cheers,
> m

Actually I came along this myself the other day. I would propose to have 
the file name as the entry title and the 'downloaded from' description 
in the journal entry description field.


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