1.5 power management, input events, wakeup events

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 04:45:37 EDT 2009

>   > Would that mean that gnome-power-manager and DeviceKit-power
>   > would work as-is on the XO-1.5?
> I don't think we'd want to run gnome-power-manager because it would
> attempt to do things like manage the backlight, which we want to do
> ourselves as part of aggressive suspend/resume.  But it would probably
> mean that we could run it and it would be able to figure out what's
> going on with our hardware, yes.

Alot of the stuff that was in g-p-m is now moving to DeviceKit-power
and its designed to be able to do also sorts of stuff with backlights
etc and be more desktop agnostic and hence useful for servers and
small devices. It might be worthwhile looking at that.


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