1.5 power management, input events, wakeup events

Deepak Saxena dsaxena at laptop.org
Thu Jun 25 12:19:35 EDT 2009

On Jun 25 2009, at 09:49, Chris Ball was caught saying:
> The complexity of implementation is real, but it turned out that Mitch
> had to do the work of adding ACPI tables for Windows anyway.  Being
> able to suspend/resume on unmodified distro kernels (and not having to
> constantly maintain and forward-port "the OLPC suspend/resume patch"
> every release) will be a big win, worth some hours of our time in
> setting up ACPI.

I'd like to second Chris on the benefits of running something that is 
already well supported under Linux and allows us to use standard PM tools. 

One concern I have is whether ACPI provides the granular control over
wakeup events that we desire.


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