Create and sign Country specific XO image

Philipp Kocher philipp.kocher at
Fri Jun 26 00:25:02 EDT 2009


Cambodia is getting 1000 new XOs very soon. This are the first ones with 
a Khmer keyboard.

To make the installation process easier, I would like to create a 
country specific image based on build 802, which includes Khmer keyboard 
support, fonts, the newest language pack with software translations, 
Activities and some customizations.

I found just very few information about creating a country specific 
image (mainly from Nepal):

How can I get a country specific image file signed?

Which other customizations or bugfixes are recommended to be included 
(e.g. like the ones from paraguay

Detailed instructions from other deployments about creating an image are 
very welcome.

Thanks and best regards,

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