Problem creating .xo bundle

Art Hunkins abhunkin at
Tue Jun 23 14:19:18 EDT 2009

Thanks for this suggestion, Bert.

Actually, I did the equivalent in Windows; I could install the resultant 
bundle from a USB drive using the sugar-install-bundle command (as described 
in the User Manual, p.117).

Three little questions, given your scenario:

1) Is then needed in the bundle at all?

2) Is MANIFEST needed in the bundle at all?

3) If MANIFEST is required, should its list of files *include* MANIFEST? (I 
gather not.)

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> On 23.06.2009, at 04:40, Art Hunkins wrote:
>> I've got an XO Activity ready to go, and working perfectly in my (XO)
>> Activities folder. (It's called OurMusic.activity.)
>> I just can't seem to make an .xo bundle of it.
>> From my activity's folder (OurMusic.activity) I run:
>> ./ dist_xo
>> and get:
>> : No such file or directory
>> If I run:
>> dist_xo
>> or just
>> I get:
>> bash: command not found
>> (and is right there in the folder, with correct permissions.)
>> Can someone give me guidance, please? (Happy to send along my
>> MANIFEST and files if relevent.)
> is not needed:
> cd ~/Activities
> zip -r OurMusic.activity
> mv OurMusic-1.xo
> simply ensures that you use the right version number for the
> bundle file name, it includes only what's listed in MANIFEST, it uses
> the right directory etc. But if you know all these constraints you can
> simply use zip to make a bundle. No magic involved :)
> - Bert -

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