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Sat Jun 20 13:41:37 EDT 2009

2009/6/14 Mikus Grinbergs <mikus at>:
> With XO-1, was monkeying around with a recent fedora-xo build, and
> accidentally removed a font directory.  That confused X, with the
> result that it drew things more compactly than it was supposed to.
> I had launched Terminal.  With the Terminal "window" now occupying
> less than a quarter of my screen area -- the "launch screen" (with
> its pulsing Terminal icon in the middle) kept still being shown for
> more than a minute after the Terminal "window" itself had appeared.
> I speculate that the pulsing "launch screen" *always* persists until
> it times out -- but since it normally appears "behind" the started
> Activity's screen, the user doesn't realize it is still pulsing.
> Let me suggest that when an "activity launch" is complete (i.e.,
> when what the user sees is screen content drawn by the Activity),
> there is no need to continue the "pulsing" (which served as eye
> candy while the user was waiting to start using the Activity).

That's how it's supposed to work, so you have found a bug. Could you
check there isn't yet one in and open a new one if
needed? Please note down the version of sugar as told by rpm -qa.



> mikus
> p.s.   Last year, I wrote a ticket saying "If I'm looking
> at a pulsing 'activity launch' screen, and I want to kill that
> screen (for instance, because that Activity appears to *not* be
> starting), I have no way of _stopping_ the showing of that screen.
> All I can do is to wait for it to time out."  That ticket got
> closed, with an explanation along the lines of "we know about this".
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