activity launch screen

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sat Jun 13 18:32:22 EDT 2009

With XO-1, was monkeying around with a recent fedora-xo build, and 
accidentally removed a font directory.  That confused X, with the 
result that it drew things more compactly than it was supposed to.

I had launched Terminal.  With the Terminal "window" now occupying 
less than a quarter of my screen area -- the "launch screen" (with 
its pulsing Terminal icon in the middle) kept still being shown for 
more than a minute after the Terminal "window" itself had appeared.

I speculate that the pulsing "launch screen" *always* persists until 
it times out -- but since it normally appears "behind" the started 
Activity's screen, the user doesn't realize it is still pulsing.

Let me suggest that when an "activity launch" is complete (i.e., 
when what the user sees is screen content drawn by the Activity), 
there is no need to continue the "pulsing" (which served as eye 
candy while the user was waiting to start using the Activity).


p.s.   Last year, I wrote a ticket saying "If I'm looking 
at a pulsing 'activity launch' screen, and I want to kill that 
screen (for instance, because that Activity appears to *not* be 
starting), I have no way of _stopping_ the showing of that screen. 
All I can do is to wait for it to time out."  That ticket got 
closed, with an explanation along the lines of "we know about this".

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