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S Page and Holt, 

thanks for the replies, been all over the wikis for this. I suppose I was hoping I had missed something and a version of Fedora 10 was out there (or maybe even 11). 

For now I'll just keep on with what I have (8.2.1 and Ubuntu) and keep an eye out for Fedora. 

Page: there wasn't anything particularly confusing about the wiki pages, instead they are just sparse. I had seen a company selling SD cards with Fedora on them. This is a live distro though, not an installed one. I found some joyride builds that were installed, not live, but the dev lists were just filled with issues. 

As i said, was just hoping there was a more stable, more recent build out there somewhere than Fedora 9 based 8.2.x. 


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> I've been digging through and fedora wikis, forums and dev lists for this answer and cannot seem to find it.
> I have a first gen XO (G1G1) and want to install the current stable OS on it.

>From and the green box on
pages like,

  Stable: Build 802 (8.2.1) ,  2009-05-13

Read to see if
you are running the latest stable release, both those pages link to
it.  The 8.2.1 release notes have instructions for upgrading.

Can you remember pages on and that confused you?

> Fedora 11 is out, but I cannot seem to find any builds of it, or 10 that seem to work on the XO. Am I missing something?

8.2.1 is I believe still based on Fedora 9. If you want something
later, you'll have to run a development/beta build. tries to explain and link to
the alternatives, if it doesn't make sense ask away (or edit

=S Page


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