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Thu Jun 4 04:18:06 EDT 2009

On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 3:41 AM, Guylhem Aznar <olpc at> wrote:
> Of course I do, but IMHO there are also some things that could have
> been done differently.

Ah, hindsight is sooooo easy ;-)

As Mitch's reply shows, we have been looking at the boot times and
studying any low-hanging-fruit there.

Your stated goal allows for a couple of options... see below.

> on a SQL database (which needs ~600 Mb of flash total). I'm more of a
> debian guy, so I took what I knew to have a working base which can be
> improved.

Maybe try deb-xo on an SD card? As Mitch mentions, booting from SD
skips various steps that are slow on our platform.

> Pretests results show a usage pattern where doctors prefer to power on
> the laptop when some specific information is needed. This behaviour is

How about suspend or hibernate?

> So I see a boot delay that could be easily cut by half,

You see lots of things we'd like to have! Have a read of Mitch's
reply, there are several spots where you could help us.

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