Bootloader question

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Tue Jun 2 09:33:28 EDT 2009

>> I think its actually there because ubifs wasn't around when OLPC
>> needed to make a decision on filesystems. UBIFS hasn't been around
>> that long.
> Exactly. We're very keen on hearing of people experimenting with it,
> reporting on performance and stability.
> It will be interesting to hear whether it's ready for production use.
> JFFS2, for all its faults, has been fairly resilient against
> powerloss-related corruption.

I'd also be interested to know what is required to add support for new
filesystems to OFW. ext4 now has the option to run without a journal
which gives it the advantage that ext2 had over ext3 with a lot of the
other improvements that come with ext4. I wonder what would be
required to add support for it and the likes of ubifs?


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