Bootloader question

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Tue Jun 2 03:46:16 EDT 2009


> I'm still preparing my custom images for the Haïti project, and I am
> quite disturbed by the JFFS2 boottime. From what I've read on the
> wiki, JFFS2 is here only because OFW doesn't know how to use UBIFS.

I think its actually there because ubifs wasn't around when OLPC
needed to make a decision on filesystems. UBIFS hasn't been around
that long.

> This brings a question - is it possible to replace OFW with something
> that could use UBIFS? Say coreboot , or even a bios with grub,
> anything will do!

No idea, but you can use a small /boot partition with jffs2 (or ext2)
which is enough to boot the kernel and then have a ubifs root file

> If there's no security, if there's little functionality, not field
> upgrades etc, it will just be fine as long as it can boot any quicker.
> I just can't keep the boot delays currently experienced with jffs2

Well there's details of what experimentation was done with ubifs on
the wiki here


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